About Us

People Based Leadership. Mission Driven Execution.

Galica helps clients apply learning to grow a person centered, mission driven enterprise.

Our focus is healthcare delivery system redesign and continuous improvement of operations. We serve hospitals, community-based healthcare organizations, primary care and multidisciplinary practices. We are committed to working with clients on customized mission driven solutions in an era of rapid change in healthcare, Medicaid reform and other initiatives designed to better serve vulnerable and high risk populations.

We offer an individual and team assessment tool - Everything DiSC ®, which improves leader self-awareness, employee and team engagement. We apply Lean Thinking to maximize practice productivity and patient value delivery. Our progressive combination of services has proven to be a successful approach for our client customized implementation plans.

Our business is solely repeat & referral. If you wish to know about the work we have done in healthcare, higher education and the midsized enterprise - please contact us.


Everything DiSC Authorized Partner